24 Postcards In Full Colour

album by Max Richter

"Max's ringtone album. Fragmentary and partial by nature, 24 postcards is a varied collection of evocative miniatures. The longest track is just under three minutes, whilst the majority clock in at around just sixty seconds, a series of sketches on the nature of time and memory, stitched together to form a series of jump-cuts and foldbacks. As though extracting the absolute essence, simple, plaintive piano and string melodies butt up against passages of rich, borderzone ambience - radio static / voices leaking through dense, shifting drones."


"...if the pieces contained on 24 Postcards in Full Colour came pre-loaded on every cell phone purchased, most incoming calls would go unanswered, for fear of interrupting Max Richter’s beautiful tones."

Dusted Magazine

this picture of us P.

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